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MARCH 30 - APRIL 20 2011

A man wakes up all of a sudden at night and starts wandering around his room. He is worried about the possibility of living inside a stranger, of managing to feel and move a body that is not his own from the inside. To be a foreign body and at the same time to feel that this is what he is supposed to be.

That he is where he is meant to be.

He wonders what the right place is. The one where he feels comfortable, the one where he feels warm. The one where he is able to manage or simply the place he was committed to.

He looks out exactly when another man looks in from outside.

It is his body, the ideal place, and he can not tell it apart from the room. They become a single unique astral space with floral curtains that are nothing but his eyelids seen from inside his head.

During this delirious waking, flowers grow and whither, covering the surroundings of his mind.

Let us imagine this blooming room that is at the same time a human body and a real space with a wooden floor.

The confusion of the man who happens to see his points of view multiplied, leads him to wish for spatial order and to draw its coordinates.

The blooming is stellar and you can orient yourself by the guidance of images and sculptures.

Portraits of mysterious men, characters of a story that has yet to be written.

Clues found by moulding soil and colors of ancient paintings.

These are relics and at the same time hypnotic omens.

Paradoxically, the man succeeds in finding the perception of reality through a temporal shift of ambiance: past, present and future coexist by making the objects look alike after their long travel trough the time, and fossils are consumed because they originate in a distant future.

In this way, the man sees himself already old before being born, and he develops a desire for life by occupying the present space.

A room that contains a man that contains an inner room.

Lucie Fontaine

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