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May 11 - May 31, 2019

I feel strongly that my art must do its part to encourage and empower communities and individual people to evaluate and understand their own situation and problems, particularly issues of cultural, social, political and environment conflict. From there, my art aims to trigger thinking about alternative ways of solving problems with creative solutions. My art is participative and active so involving everyone who sees it and joins it in building a foundation for a more open, democratic, equal and tolerant society.

Kayu – Lucie Fontaine’s branch in Bali, Indonesia – is pleased to announce its ninth presentation: “Flag Project,” a performance by Indonesian artist Arahmaiani.

Rooted in actions that are community based, “Flag Project” (2006 – ongoing) see the artist engaging with members of various communities in order to manifest their concerns, thoughts and hopes, which she materializes in the form of texts sewn on flags. Initially started by Arahmaiani with Amumarta Pesantren [Islamic boarding school] after a major earthquake hit Yogyakarta in 2006, the project has gone through several implementations in various communities in Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, China, Tibet, Germany and Belgium.

At Kayu Arahmaiani’s performance will involve around thirty people: her friends from the artistic community of artists in Bali, and the artist herself. Holding thirty flags, the participants will present a parade inside Rumah Topeng dan Wayang [the house of masks and puppets] complex; afterwards, the flags will be displayed at Batu until the end of the project. The performance and the flags are the result of collaborative work. The artist creates an “open art system” based on democratic tools through which the community identifies solutions to the issues that are considered relevant or crucial. During the process, Arahmaiani positions herself as the facilitator, mediating the discussion and allowing the communities to organically express their thoughts in the form of collective, collaborative and individual works. This system creates a sustainable network of communities.

The colorful handmade flags contain the core values of the various faith and cultural communities Arahmaiani has cooperated with over the years. The notions emerged are presented in key words which are sewn in various languages on the flags. The key words included are: Freedom, Love, Heart, Courage, Mind, Culture, Capital, Earth, Water, Air, Food, Resistance, Wisdom, Happiness, Hand in Hand and Solidarity, and also short phrases such as “Don’t be arrogant.” The flags were made by a group of seamstresses in a village near Yogyakarta, on the island of Java, Indonesia.

Arahmaiani’s performance at Kayu is the culmination of a dialogue the artist started with the Balinese community in the Bona village 30 years ago. It is part of a series of initiatives, hosted by Kayu in cooperation with other partners, which aim is to reflect upon social and environmental issues. “Flag Project,” follows “Sustainability Through Differences”, the first Rebirth Forum in Indonesia.
The project marks the opening of a new space called Batu [stone in Indonesian and Balinese languages], which is a space for contemporary art located in a two-story Limasan [traditional Javanese house], with a concrete extension in the back. Complementary to Kayu, Batu is also hosted by Rumah Topeng dan Wayang [the house of masks and puppets]. For further information please contact Lucie Fontaine’s employee in Bali at kayu@luciefontaine.com

Opening ~ May 11, 2019 at 4 pm
Rumah Topeng Dan Wayang Setiadarma
Jl. Tegal Bingin, Br. Tengkulak, Ubud, Bali

• 4 pm ~ Batu, soft opening
• 5 pm ~ Performance by Arahmaiani and her collaborators
• 7 pm ~ Artist talk with Arahmaiani

Kayu – Lucie Fontaine’s branch in Bali
Rumah Topeng Dan Wayang Setiadarma
Jl Tegal Bingin, Br. Tengkulak, Ubud
Bali, Indonesia
+62 (0) 87756090883

“Flag Project” is supported by: