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DOMESTICITY VII - Producing Domesticity

Columbus Property Management, New York
June 17 - July 29, 2018

Lucie Fontaine is pleased to announce Producing Domesticity, the seventh iteration of an ongoing series addressing the relation between private space and art. Following Estate, at Marianne Boesky in 2012, this will be the second chapter of Domesticity in New York. Other chapters were shown in Bali, Stockholm, Prague and Miami. Producing Domesticity will take place at Columbus Property Management, an experimental exhibition space located on 104 Bayard Street, Chinatown, New York, 10013.

This time, Lucie Fontaine will confront the space of a studio apartment in Chinatown, and the dynamics of making a space feel personal and warm, echoing the before-and-after renovations presented in interior decoration magazines. The challenge of the new occupants is finding a compromise between the pre-existing identity of the space and their own. The setting of the basic domestic space will be transformed into a fictional living room that mimics the veneer of a classic American interior.

During the course of the installation of the show on Sunday, June 17, two employees of Lucie Fontaine* will create an elegant living room environment, adopting the techniques and timing of of a movie set construction. The installation process will be be open to the public, placing under the spotlight the production and labor that usually remain behind the scenes.

Hanging on the walls of the remodeled living room, in lieu of the classic family pictures, there will be three portraits of workers involved in the movie set construction industry, that were taken by Lucie Fontaine during one of her residencies in Los Angeles. Sections of the living room set including the portraits will be detached from the wall and will survive as original Lucie Fontaine’s artworks, once the installation is dismantled.

This exhibition marks the first project of Lucie Fontaine Production, a new satellite of Lucie Fontaine based in Los Angeles, that focuses on the relationship between interior design, art and story-telling.

For further information, please contact Lucie Fontaine’s employees at info@luciefontaine.com

* “L’Anti-Oedipe was written by the two of us, and since each of us was several, we were already quite a crowd.” Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizofrenia, 1. Introduction: Rhizome.