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2008 : Perché Napoli?, T293, Naples

For the occasion of a cycle of presentations entitled “Perché Napoli?” [Why Naples?] Lucie Fontaine has conceived T.D.P.D.T. a puppet show theater that addresses with the mythical past of the city. Using Naples’s most well known sites – Lungomare, Napoli Sotterranea and Il Maschio Angioino – along with key locations of the artistic community from the 70s until today – Piazza del Plebiscito, the Campagnola restaurant and Piazza dei Martiri – 12 characters from the art world follow one another in a series of imaginary dialogues.

Following the schizophrenic nature of Lucie Fontaine, characters and dialogues are not logically linked. Working through stereotypes and random systems, Lucie Fontaine embodies a comedy of the absurd where artists, gallerists, curators and collectors are contented material and – at the same time – an open source to unexpected manipulations.

Utilizing different levels T.D.P.D.T. presents itself as a platform where diverse issues engage in dialogue with humorous undertones. Conceived as a reflection of the system of production and communication, Lucie Fontaine proposes a project that uses the cultural humus of Naples as a ploy to demonstrate the growing interchangeability within cultural systems. In other words, we assist in the passage from “role-playing” to an ever more fluid co-habitation of different players who act within the art field.

Lucie Fontaine is an art employer who lives and works in Colmar (FR). Her two* art employees used to define her the Jamie Lynn Spears of contemporary art, “pregnant and in search of easy success.” “Perché Napoli?” is a project by T293 for the city of Naples.

Six chapters conceived by six artists for the exhibition space located in Piazza Amendola and is supported by Paul Thorel.

* “L’Anti-Oedipe was written by the two of us, and since each of us was several, we were already quite a crowd.” Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia, 1. Introduction: Rhizome.

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