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JUNE 23 - JULY 18, 2014

Lucie Fontaine is pleased to present “Cali Gold Rush” a group exhibition orchestrated by Marcello Maloberti, together with Caterina Iaquinta and in collaboration with Simone Monsi. The exhibition opens on June 23 from 7 to 9 pm and includes works by Marcello Maloberti’s students at NABA in Milan : Guendalina Cerruti, Cecilia Maafs, Matteo Montagna, Alessandro Moroni, Giulia Pellegrini, Raziel Perin, Claudia Ponzi, Leonardo Pondaco, Chiara Principe, Gabriel Stoeckli, Erika Striani, Giulio Scalisi, Riccardo Sossella, and Laura Trovò. The entire project started from a conversation between Marcello Maloberti and one of Lucie Fontaine’s employees.

San Francisco, California, 1848—Many people abandoned their “comfort zone” in order to follow the so-called “gold rush.” For seven years hordes of men would devote themselves to searching for this shining and precious metal, seen on the bottom of rivers, acknowledging the victory of technology over traditions and memories that belong to archetypical civilizations.

The main inspiration for “Cali Gold Rush” is mass movement. With this project we embark on an ideal journey, composed from the phases of a mythological desire, and a personal and collective desire to be reconstructed through forms. These forms came from an individual imagery and went through disparate epochs and geographies in order to face the fatigue of our time, which is translated into the immediate effort of transforming pure ambition into reality, the wanted image and the intuited object into a new kind of perception.

The goal is to reach the absolute, the tail of a mirage, the ecstasy of a shape that is only caressed in an attempt to stretch the limits of what is assumed in order to create a dense presence, just like the invocation of desires and inspiration. In “Cali Gold Rush” fractions of journeys taken by the aforementioned artists find a moment of materialization, becoming a constellation of individualities going hand in hand in order to restitute a moment in which all the possible emotions come together and reach the sublime, without annulling each other.

In “Cali Gold Rush” every work of art exists as an autonomous body entering into a relation that is in opposition to the other elements composing it. Furthermore the exhibition can be perceived as a fluid cosmology, in which form changes without modifying its elements, experiencing a tension that seeks an end, a dilation towards its poles. Inside these poles you will find a reflection of this shining and precious metal seen by the eyes of the pioneers in 1848.

Lucie Fontaine’s space in Milan is located in via Rinaldo Rigola 1. If you would like to know more about “Cali Gold Rush” and about Lucie Fontaine’s activities please email: or go to


Oeuvres on view:

Guendalina Cerruti
The Catcher, 2014
Luserna stone, black tights, white sock, metal bowl, metal rod, 40 x 40 x 100 cm

Cecilia Maafs
1+2+2+2, 2014
Plaster, twine, variable dimensions

Matteo Montagna
salone, 2014
Blanket, leather and rubber balls, 190 x 100 cm (circa)

Alessandro Moroni
Composizione per Termosifone, 2014
Photographic print on wood, 65 x 50 cm, 61 x 50 cm, 65 x 65 cm (site-specific)

Alessandro Moroni
Slideteiera, 2014

Giulia Pellegrini
Purullu, 2013-2014
Embroidery on cotton, variable dimensions

Raziel Perin
Senza titolo, 2014
Mixed media, variable dimensions

Leonardo Pondaco
5° piano, 2014
Oil on canvas, 49.5 x 35 cm

Claudia Ponzi
stringi stringi!, 2014

Chiara Principe
Gloom, Boom & Doom, 2014
Chocolate gold coins, variable dimensions, 100 x 100 x 50 cm (circa)

Giulio Scalisi
The offspring of Alcyone and Ceyx, 2014
Graphite and stickers on print, tempera on print, print on acetate, 200 x 100 cm

Riccardo Sossella
KV61, 2014
Mixed media, variable dimensions

Gabriel Stöckli
La “Cittadella,” 2014
Neon lights, MDF wood, Plexiglas, spray, variable dimensions

Erika Striani
Bread, 12 x 80 cm

Laura Trovò
Corredo, 2014
Zinc plates, series of 10, 5 x 12 cm (each)